Ovation iDea Guitar with Built-in MP3 Recorder and Player, high-gloss black – Review

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Ovation iDea Guitar with Built-in MP3 Recorder and Player, high-gloss black – Product Review:

The Ovation iDea is the Newest iDea for Acoustic Guitars

The Ovation iDea is the first and only guitar of its kind, featuring a built-in MP3 recorder/player. The digital recorder is part of the on-board Ovation preamp. A simple and direct recording control makes it esay to record entire songs or fragments, even vocal and commentary. The patented technology makes possible a list of features never before available on any guitar–acoustic or electric.

Ovation iDea guitar
The Ovation iDea guitar makes it easy to record your ideas.
Ovation iDea guitar 2
Ovation iDea to scale, in action
Capture your songwriting ideas with the Ovation iDea.

Record Your Ideas the Easy Way with Ovation iDea
Songwriters have always wanted a simple, convenient way to record song ideas, hooks, melodies, and lyrics. With the iDea, players who write on guitar will have an instantly accessible high-quality digital recorder with them wherever they go. The simple and direct recording control makes it easy to record entire songs or fragments, even vocals and commentary.

The iDea can record from the guitar alone, simultaneously from the guitar and built-in microphone and from an auxiliary input. Any audio signal fed into the auxilary input is converted to an MP3 file and stored in the iDea memroy.

Learn with the Ovation iDea
The iDea is also a learning tool, with audio lessons pre-installed in the memory, and more lessons available to download online.

Guitarists who enjoy jamming will find a tireless band mate in the iDea. Several “Jam Tracks” are pre-installed in the instrument, and others are available online.

Downloading files from a computer or the internet is easy via USB. Files in the iDea can be renamed, deleted, and rearranged right on the computer desktop. Mixes from recording software, rhythm tracks, even songs the player wants to learn can be downloaded and played either through the guitar output or headphones.

The Power of the Ovation iDea

You’ve heard about capturing lightning in a bottle. Well, here’s a guitar that can capture your musical lightning as it strikes–the Ovation iDea. There’s nothing like it–a completely portable recording studio built right into your guitar. All those fleeting musical ideas, hooks and melodies are now yours forever.

  • Record guitar and vocals simultaneously through pickup and built-in microphone.
  • Store over 100 minutes of MP3 files.
  • Playback through headphones or amp.
  • Download tracks from a computer.
  • Change playback tempo without changing pitch.


  • Inspiration comes at any time…capture it EVERY time!
  • Easily record song ideas, licks, hooks and rhythms.
  • Use Aux input to record backing tracks for solo performance.
  • Upload songs to recording software to edit and expand.


  • Download lessons and backing tracks at
  • Record songs or solos from MP3 sources, slow them down and learn note- for-note.

Ovation iDea Guitar with Built-in MP3 Recorder and Player, high-gloss black – Product Description:

The Ovation CC54i iDea MP3 guitar ushers in a cool era of playability and innovation. Now you can play, write AND record all at the same time. You can even play along with the included jam tracks and lessons, or add your own tracks via USB! If you don’t own a Computer, you can use the guitar’s aux input jack to connect external devices, such as CD players, to your computer and record tracks from there. The CC54i iDea MP3 guitar is the first acoustic guitar to feature a built-in MP3 recorder. Record song ideas and licks instantly in real-time using the iDea OPi-1 preamp, built-in to the guitar.

Product Features :

  • Mid-Depth Cutaway
  • Spruce Top
  • Multi-soundhole

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