Clark W Fobes Debut Student Clarinet Mouthpiece

by / Wednesday, 29 February 2012 / Published in Clarinet

Clark W Fobes Debut Student Clarinet Mouthpiece – Product Description:

Clark W Fobes Debut Student Clarinet MouthpieceClark Fobes Debut Bb Clarinet Mouthpiece Build Good Embouchure and Tone The Fobes Debut mouthpieces have a fairly close facing that insures good resistance and focus to the sound. The result of this is better muscular developent of the embouchureHand Finished / Play Tested Each Fobes mouthpiece is hand finished and play tested to ensure consistency and quality.The Best Overall Deal Because the Debut is made from Clark’s professional mouthpiece specs, this is a mouthpieces that a student could potentially play through high school.

Product Features :

  • Hand Finished / Play Tested
  • The Best Overall Deal

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