Kurzweil PC3K8 88 Note Performance Controller and V.A.S.T Workstation with 128 MB Sample Ram Keyboard, Hammer Action Keys, Black

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Kurzweil PC3K8 88 Note Performance Controller and V.A.S.T Workstation with 128 MB Sample Ram Keyboard, Hammer Action Keys, Black – Product Description:

The PC3 introduced the world to a new generation of ground-breaking Kurzweil technology, having a synthesis architecture that remains unparalleled in depth and flexibility, combined with a staggering amount of effects processing power. The PC3 sound set, which encompasses everything from the traditional to the cutting edge, has been widely acknowledged as second to none. And now the PC3’s successor has arrived. The Kurzweil PC3K is the pinnacle of our PC3 line, bridging the gap between Kurzweil’s past successes and present innovations. The PC3K8 from Kurzweil is an 88 key performance controller that features a fully weighted, hammer action keyboard, and is loaded with a sound set that is both broad and deep, with no compromises on sound quality. The unit can also access the massive wealth of samples and programs developed over the past 18 years for the legendary K Series synthesizers. Capable of loading .KRZ/25/26 sample files, WAVE and AIFF files, as well as most of the K Series programs and setups, the PC3K8 presents a whole new world of choices to players. Additionally, users can fill the 128MB of built-in flash memory with their own signature samples. Sample files can be loaded via USB from a thumb-drive or directly from a computer. User-samples do not go away when the keyboard is powered off. Once samples are loaded into the PC3K8’s flash memory, there is zero load time for those samples when powering on the instrument. With advanced program, key map and sample editing features, the user is able to customize their sounds, allowing them to map any sample to any key, tune individual samples, change the start, alt start, loop point and end point of samples, and even assign a controller to adjust sample start point in real-time. The Dynamic V.A.S.T. synthesis engine provides up to 32 layers per program. This allows for emulations of real instruments to be extremely detailed and accurate, while the synthesized sounds can be large and complex. Users can now create and store their own DSP algorithms, with nearly limitless possibilities for routing. Kurzweil has also resurrected the VA-1 Virtual Analog Synthesizer by having its synthesis engine built right into the new system.

Product Features :

  • Includes a USB host port to support the use of thumb drives for data loading and storage as well as OS updates
  • 128 MB of non volatile user sample memory
  • Same innovative features as the PC3 line, with a lot more extras
  • Backwards compatibility with K Series product line
  • Sample editing and full key map editing

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