Roland Fantom-G6 Workstation Keyboard

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Roland Fantom-G6 Workstation Keyboard – Product Description:

The Roland Fantom-G6 Workstation is a dream keyboard instrument that redefines the boundaries of playability and creativity. Advanced sound engine, revolutionary ARX SuperNATURAL(TM) expansion bay, large-sized color LCD, powerful new audio/MIDI sequencer, first-class “Ivory Feel” weighted keys and more make the Fantom-G6 a keyboard to contend with.Advanced Sound EngineDriven by a powerful new audio processor, the Roland Fantom-G6 provides new sonic depth and versatility. With twice the wave-ROM capacity of its predecessor, the Fantom-G6 contains a treasure trove of Rolands world-famous SRX-quality sounds. But what really sets the Fantom-G6 apart is its new ARX expansion, which allows additional SuperNATURAL sound-sets and fully dedicated synth and effects engines to be added to this already powerful live workstation.SuperNATURAL(TM) ARX ExpansionFantom-G6 provides ARX slots that accommodate two SuperNATURAL expansion boards. SuperNATURAL is Rolands unique behavior-modeling technology that enables a new level of organic, emotional expression previously unattainable in synthesizers. Applied to traditional-instrument sounds, SuperNATURAL enables the delicate, organic tonal changes and playing nuances of real musical instruments. Its also a powerful tool for electronic and non-traditional sounds, breathing amazing new life and expression into synthesis.Power Sequencer OnboardThe Fantom-G is the first Roland instrument to feature Rolands newly designed power sequencer. In conjunction with the large-size LCD, this pro-level composition tool provides 128 tracks (including 24 audio tracks) in a fully intergraded audio/MIDI graphical environment. A mouse can be also incorporated for computer-like speed and ease. Other convenient features include combo XLR and TRS connector, phantom power for condenser mics, Hi-Z input for guitar and bass, and line input.Luxurious Extra-Wide LCDOne look and touch and youll know that the Fantom-G is an instrument without equal. Only the highes

Product Features :

  • Advanced sound engine with double wave capacity of previous flagship workstations
  • 2 x ARXexpansion with SuperNATURAL the world’s greatest performance-expression technology
  • Graphic user interface with extra-large 8.5 wide color LCD and mouse connectivity
  • Newly developed onboard audio/MIDI sequencer with 128 tracks, including 24 audio tracks
  • Multi-FX for each part, up to 22 effects routings can be programmed simultaneously

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