Korg MONOTRIBE 0-Key Electribe-Style Analog Drums and Synthesizer

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Korg MONOTRIBE 0-Key Electribe-Style Analog Drums and Synthesizer – Product Description:

Product Title-Electribe-Style Analog Drums & Synthesizer. Product Teaser Combining the analog synthesizer voice of the popular Korg Monotron with a three-part analog drum machine and Korg’s easy-to-use Electribe-style programming, the Monotribe is both a fun musical accessory and a serious tone-tweaking instrument. Complete with a built-in speaker and battery power, Monotribe is self-contained and highly portable. Product Block Copy Monotribe provides 3-part analog drums, monophonic analog synthesizer, simple beat programming and powerful extras, all in a self-contained, hand held unit. The analog synth voice features the MS-20 filter (external audio input) plus an auto-tuning circuit for stable pitch. The ribbon keyboard offers normal (KEY), glide (Narrow), and extended (Wide) modes. Electribe-style programming makes it easy to create looped beats using the Snare, Kick, and Hi-Hat analog drums. Use the Active Step mode to alter the groove in real time. Flux Mode allows non-stepped sequencing of the synthesizer voice. Sync jacks work with multiple units, iPhone SyncKontrol, WIST and more!

Product Features :

  • True self-tuning analog synthesizer voice – VCO, VCF, VCA, and LFO with 3-mode ribbon keyboard
  • 3-part analog drums: (Bass Drum, Snare Drum, Hi-Hat) featuring Electribe-style groove creation
  • Active Step provides realtime groove tweaking; Flux Mode allows step/non-step synth-voice sequencing
  • Sync In & Out jacks; Audio (Filter) input; Line output; Headphone output
  • Battery operation, built-in speaker and compact size deliver on-the-go groove-making

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