Inspirational Ideas For Those Who Want To Learn To Play The Piano

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Learn to Play the Piano

You are never too old or young to learn the piano. It takes dedication and a determined attitude to begin with, but when you start playing tunes it becomes enjoyable. I have little talent, so it took several years before I got to the end of ‘The Yellow Rose Of Texas’ without a mistake. When you get there, you gain confidence and move on to more complicated pieces.

I am not a qualified piano teacher, but as a dad and a keen musical student, I feel able to pass some of my experience on to you in the hope that it will help you succeed. It is a lonely business sometimes because you are alone at the keyboard. When you make a mistake, it is obvious. Perhaps a sense of humor will help you as you study.

Start Young

Children soak up knowledge like sponges and the younger they are, the better. If your kids show any interest in music, get a piano. While you struggle to churn out your first tune, the little ones will pick it up quickly. They will start stretching their fingers to reach the keys and strike chords. That will help them to achieve a level of dexterity as they grow that an adult might never manage. I think you get the idea; the younger people start to play, the better.

Buy A Piano

The purchase can be a complicated business. There is a superb range of grand pianos from which to choose, but not many of us have room in our homes for those. I wouldn’t hesitate to buy or hire one if we had somewhere to put it. You could buy a used upright piano cheaply if you can rearrange your furniture to fit, but would you consider a digital piano bundle instead? They give you much more for your money than an acoustic instrument. Though you learn to play them just the same, you can add a beat and other effects to make the music interesting.

Hire A Tutor

Everyone will benefit from expert tuition. You must learn to read music as well as play it. There is no substitute for a teacher who will explain everything to you as you go along. It is also a way to make the lessons regular and formal. People who teach themselves often do it in a haphazard way, and that is not good. The tutor will educate you in the correct techniques and put you forward for examinations so that you can gain qualifications and progress properly.


When your teacher sets a goal, there is no substitute for practice. You must allow at least an hour every day so that your body can develop muscle memory, and the playing technique becomes second nature. It could be painful for the rest of your family if you have an acoustic piano; at least you can use headphones with a digital unit. Sometimes the sessions will become unbearable when nothing goes right. It is a time when many people give up on the idea. If you can work through it, just as marathon runners get through ‘the wall’, you will succeed; trust me.

I hope you gain support and inspiration from this article. Nothing comes for free, so you must work hard. The rewards are there at the end, and you will have a talent for life. You also get to own some fantastic equipment. That is half the fun!

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