How To Choose Your First Musical Instrument

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How To Choose Your First Musical Instrument

fLearning an instrument is one of life’s most exciting pursuits. The possibilities are endless and there is always something new to learn. Even the very best musicians are constantly learning new techniques and exploring new sounds. Picking up an instrument is like gaining a lifetime friend. It will always be there for you, in the corner of your room, when you need it. However, the first step is picking one instrument.

Choosing just one can be really tough. There are thousands out there, each with their individual merits. There are the common choices like the guitar or the piano. Then there are the more traditional options like a violin or double bass. After that you have the more exotic choices. In the modern world, even more options are opening up. You can take on the likes of DJ decks or music production software, both work just like an instrument.

Follow your personality

This might seem like strange advice but it works surprisingly well. When it comes to listening to music, you’ll instantly feel drawn to one aspect. Highlight it and find out what it is. Is it the melody or the rhythm section? That will help you narrow it down. Do you want to show off with crazy guitar solos? Or are you happy keeping the beat with a steady bass. Find the one that suits you best and find a tutor. Guitar lessons in London are easy to come by, for example.

Choose something practical

If you live in a high rise with adjoining apartments all around, then a large drum kit probably isn’t a good idea. You need to choose an instrument that you have the space to play. There’s no point choosing one and not having the opportunity to practice. Digital pianos are great as you can plug headphones in and play anywhere without disturbing others. Acoustic guitars are relatively quiet if noise is a consideration.

If you’re unsure, start with a piano

The piano is the simplest instrument to start with. It is also one of the most difficult to master so it covers the full spectrum. The reason we suggest the piano is that it the best for learning scales and keys. The cornerstones to music are learnt quickly and simply on the piano. The notes are laid out in order right in front of you. It is also one of the only instruments where you play rhythm and lead together. Learn the basics on a piano before finding your true musical calling.

Buy a budget version first

Again, another trick if you’re unsure is to buy a cheap instrument and see how it feels. Budget guitars can be picked up for around $50, sometimes less. If you purchase it and don’t fall in love, then no problem. Budget instruments are available across the entire range of instruments. It might take a few attempts before you figure out the one for you.

That should give you some idea of how to choose your first instrument. Pick the one you feel most drawn to. Bear in mind the space you have to practice and stick with the budget versions before you fully commit. you’ll be a virtuoso in no time!

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