Lana Del Rey Writes Music to Watch Boys to

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Lana Del Rey

If you’ve ever listened to Lana Del Rey, you’ll know the kind of music she writes. Her eerie, almost haunting voice often accompanies catchy, sad tunes and almost ‘gangster’ like lyrics – you can’t really put a label on it, but you know it when you hear it. Her last album, titled Ultraviolence was released in 2014, and is just as catchy and eerie as ever. Her first album, Born to Die, contains some of the most interesting and melancholy hits you can imagine.

It’s this kind of music that has gained Lana millions of fans, and she isn’t willing to let them go any time soon. In fact, she’s working on her third album, which promises music to watch boys to! Well, one song anyway, with the same title. Lana reveals that she can see things in her mind that help her to write her offbeat, sometimes controversial music.

Lana says that she writes about what she knows, no more, no less. However, some people have criticized her in the past, calling her live performances poor and saying that her personality comes across as fake. Whether you’re a critic or a fan, Lana isn’t going anywhere. Not only is she working on her third album, she also wrote 2 songs for Tim Burton’s upcoming film ‘Big Eyes’. She enjoys writing small pieces for independent films too.

The film Big Eyes is about an artist named Margaret Keane, whose paintings are wrongly credited to her husband. The paintings are characterised by their huge eyes, hence the name of the film. Amy Adams and Christoph Waltz star in the picture. In 2015, Lana also plans on touring the US with rock chick Courtney Love. You can bet you’ll hear this list of easy guitar chords when the two unite on stage. Will these pair be a match made in heaven? Only time will tell!

Did you know that she hasn’t always been known as Lana Del Rey? Earlier on in her career, she went by her real name, Lizzy Grant. Lizzy Grant’s albums and performances seemed to disappear without a trace, that is until she resurfaced as Lana. You could understand why this would lead some of her fans to feel cheated, and the critics to say she made up her personality. However, for everybody that calls her names and says nasty things about her, there are several who back her up. She has been described as a ‘gorgeous creature’ by many fans.

Regardless of whether Lana’s personality and look was fabricated or not, she isn’t to blame. Who wouldn’t grab an opportunity like that if it were presented to them? Really, it’s the public who need to take a long hard look at themselves. We wouldn’t remember her for long enough as Lizzy Grant. A woman who seemed happy, grateful, and almost shy. We do, however, remember her as Lana Del Rey, a woman who likes to remain mysterious and would rather say she wants to die than say she’s happy to be in the spotlight. What does that say about us?

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