Four Ways to Find Awesome New Music and Musicians

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New Music And Musicians

Music lovers know that the key to a vast collection is through having an eclectic taste. Not being stuck with one or two different genres. Being open to all of the genres and all of the possibilities of music. Those who are passionate about the industry will also know how important it is to find new talent. People you may never have heard of before. Perhaps singing in genres you may never have considered. Sounds exciting, right? That’s because it is. To prove our point, here are four ways to find awesome new music and musicians. Once you’ve built your collection up, let us know how it changed your life!

  1. Friends and Family

Chances are, your friends and family members are going to have a different taste in music to you. Even if they like similar genres, they may listen to musicians you’ve never heard of before. These are the people who are about to expand your horizons. Ask if you can borrow their iTunes account, to root through their music. If they have an iPod, they might let you keep hold of it for a few days. Put it on shuffle and explore. If they do not feel that generous, ask if you can follow them on Spotify. You’ll be able to listen to all of the playlists they make while discovering some awesome new music and musicians.

  1. Listen to Covers

It may sound strange, but finding covers of the songs you love is a great way to discover new talent. After all, it’s where many YouTube stars first cut their teeth. You can find some of the best cover songs on this website. Have a root around and search for some of your most loved tracks. Now, listen to them sung by other people. You already know you like the song, but will you like the artist? You may fall in love with the way someone else has covered it. That’s when you can start digging around for some of the other stuff they’ve sung. This is a ingenious way of finding new musicians you might have missed out on before.

  1. Find a Record Store

Admittedly, there aren’t very many of these about anymore. However, search around and see if you can find an independant record store. The staff in these places will have a wealth of knowledge about new music and artists. If you let them know what kind of stuff you’re already into, chances are they will know someone similar. It’s also a great way to socialise with fellow music lovers. This is one of our favourite ways to discover new talent, and golden oldies.

  1. Support Acts

As if any of us needs another excuse to go gigging. Support acts are generally up and coming musicians, who haven’t quite made it yet. Especially if you’re going to watch a smaller band or musician play. Like Lana Del Rey! These are the guys (and girls) you want to watch out for. Make sure you get to the gig in enough time, to watch all of the support acts. You might discover your new favourite artist.

How do you find new music and musicians? Do you use any of these tips? Let us know in the comments below!

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