Creating A Wedding Playlist

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Wedding Playlist


You’ve got a million things to plan and keep track of for your upcoming wedding. That’s why it’s totally understandable that you often forget about the wedding itself. Yet this is the whole reason you’re getting married, isn’t it? That means it needs to be just as original as the rest of your meticulously planned wedding. Music is one of the world’s greatest gifts when it comes to originality. With a great playlist, you can have just the right atmosphere for what you want to achieve – both before and after the actual nuptials.

Follow these tips to make sure you get it right:

Constantly build anticipation: Don’t forget that there is usually a half hour block in which guests arrive and don’t have much else to do except sit around and talk to each other. Also, the groom is standing around waiting for things to begin and is probably pretty nervous. Music is the perfect antidote for those feeling nervous or otherwise bored. It doesn’t matter how you go about it: a live performer and a playlist on speakers both work well.

Make an entrance: You don’t have to walk down the aisle to “Here Comes The Bride.” In fact, you can use pretty much any song you want. Just make sure that the length of the song works for what you’re achieving. Know how long it takes you to walk down the aisle. After all, you don’t want a song that finishes before you arrive or keeps going on for another minute when you get to your groom. Live vocals work well here.

Sing-a-longs: Church marriages usually require a hymn or two. If you don’t know which ones you want to use, your vicar, priest, or pastor should be able to help you choose. Many public places do not allow religious music so you may have to choose something else. This doesn’t, however, mean you don’t get to have a fun sing-a-long. Pick something romantic and popular that most of your guests will know and have fun singing.

Signing to music: When you sign the register, you may wish to include some music. Otherwise, it may get pretty boring for those watching. Pick one or two songs that fit the mood – that’s the suggestion from UK company

Exit stage right: It’s a total party when you leave via the recessional. When you walk out of the venue, make sure you leave with a bang! Don’t be afraid to have fun and show how happy you are to your guests.

Now’s the time to start compiling your playlist for your wedding ceremony. You better ask your fiance to do the same as well, that way you’ll have a great selection to choose from. Another thing you can do is each take over a part of the ceremony and choose sons for it – without telling the other. It’ll be a great surprise on your most romantic of all days.

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