Embrace Your Different Drummer

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Ever since you were little, you knew that you wanted to be a drummer. But Animal from The Muppet Show, with his focused (albeit scary) energy, makes it look simple. Once you picked up a set of sticks yourself, you realized that, in all actuality, it takes a lot of discipline and skill to become a successful drummer.

Over the years, drummers have acquired a bad reputation. And it’s not just Animal’s fault. When you take a look at the likes of Tommy Lee, Keith Moon, and John Bonham, it’s no wonder drummers are stereotyped as brutish, debauched trouble makers. While it’s true these three and many others (and yes, that includes Animal) are just a few examples of how drummers like it on the wild side, there are plenty of others who don’t. More still have perfected their technical skills and elevated the art of drumming into something that the majority of the population couldn’t hope to tackle.

Studies have shown that that’s because drummers’ are wired differently. Their brains are hardwired to keep a steady beat better than most, and in some cases, they can even maintain the timing of a song more accurately than a computer generated track. That’s why they’re so important to every band; drummers protect and uphold the heartbeat of each song.

No matter how significant their role is in a music group, no drummer was able to effortlessly keep the tempo right off the bat. The intricate pathways in their brains that allow them to feel and breathe the beat were created through long hours of practice. Even the best of the best like Neil Peart began their career in their parents’ basement using a starter kit of the ‘big 3’. Bass, snare, and Hi-hat are the backbone of any kit (even Peart’s 30+ piece set). But as a drummer, you know all that. You’ve been working on your technique and honing your time keeping skills for a while. If you’re ready to add a few toms and cymbals into the mix, the drums and drums sets for sale at Long and McQuade will more than suffice. As Canada’s premier music shop, each one of their locations has all of the best brand names like Pearl and Tama that will surely round out your set.

Sitting behind an impressive drum set, you can feel like a king on your throne. While you don’t throw yourself around like your childhood hero, Animal, you can still lay down an amazing beat that speaks of the skill and dedication it takes to be a fantastic drummer.

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