Last go-round, Kirk Franklin was dark and cathartic for The Fight of My Life, but for 2011’s Hello Fear, despite the title, Franklin sounds much more positive (but still dedicated). On the cover, he stands at the edge of a rocky cliff, looking serious, ready to confront any obstacle. (After all, saying hello to fear

Hands All Over is the third studio album by American pop-rock band Maroon 5. The album was recorded in Switzerland, where the band joined forces with legendary record producer Robert “Mutt” Lange (AC/DC, Foreigner, The Cars). It was released by A&M/Octone on September 21, 2010. The album, a killer hybrid of rock, pop, funk, and

Pretty much every molecule of Florence And The Machine divides opinion, scoring a line of taste like a Stanley knife through a forearm. Live, Florence ‘Flossie’ Welch dresses up as a clown, flails around like a cattle prod-poked octopus, throat-wobble warbling. Fifty people we asked randomly on Oxford Street said she was the most brilliantly