Every once in a while a singer/songwriter comes down the pike in the grand emotive tradition of Neil Young and Van Morrison. In the early 2000s, the quietly intense folk of Iron & Wine and the rootsy-experimental stylings of Sufjan Stevens continued that lineage. Ray LaMontagne, whose impressive 2004 debut, TROUBLE, draws on alt-country, roots

Pretty much every molecule of Florence And The Machine divides opinion, scoring a line of taste like a Stanley knife through a forearm. Live, Florence ‘Flossie’ Welch dresses up as a clown, flails around like a cattle prod-poked octopus, throat-wobble warbling. Fifty people we asked randomly on Oxford Street said she was the most brilliantly

Cynics might suggest that pop-country star Martina McBride’s greatest assets are here pearly whites and piercing blue eyes. Those who’ve followed the trajectory of McBride’s career (a decade and six albums at the time of this compilation’s release) know that the real reasons for her success are a set of super-strong pipes and a knack

“Chicken Fried” is the first tune to be released off this record and it has made The Zac Brown a name everyone is talking about. Sometimes people take advantage of the small stuff, but hearing this song will put everything in a better perspective. This track is great, but the patriotic tribute at the end

Amy’s recent resurgence may smack of a media campaign- the unresolved addictions, punching fans, the punk in drublicness, her fluctuating weight and rumours of bulimia make her the ideal target for the media to alternately laud and vilify- but, whether fact or fiction, Back To Black is more than capable of standing on its own

“The Fame: Monster” has been uncovered by Universal Music Japan. The album will come out as a double-disc with a total of twenty five songs included. The first disc will feature eight fresh materials, while the second disc will list old tracks from “The Fame”. Track List of “The Fame Monster” – Album by Lady