Casio CDP-100 88-Note Weighted Hammer Action Digital Piano – Product Description: It all starts with the sound and feel, and thanks to the carefully sampled grand piano sound and scaled hammer action, the Casio CDP-100 Digital Piano gives you both. The HL Sound Source and 88-key, naturally scaled hammer action with three levels of touch

Intelli IMT500 Clip-on Chromatic Digital Tuner for Strings – Product Description: Intelli IMT500 Clip-on Chromatic Digital Tuner with backlight is designed to tune acoustic guitars, basses, violins, banjos, mandolins and more without interference from ambient room noise. And it does this all without the use of wires, microphones or pickups. Tuning in noisy environments is

Korg TM-40 Large Display Digital Tuner and Metronome – Product Description: A great lesson and practice tool, the Korg TM-40 offers both tuner and metronome functions that can be used simultaneously or independently. A large LCD-type needle delivers both the accuracy of an LCD and excellent visibility of a needle indicator. The metronome tuner also