eMedia MyPiano Electronic Keyboard and Learning Software Kit – Product Description: Introducing the eMedia My Piano Kit. This kit has everything your child needs to begin playing the piano: an electronic keyboard sized for small fingers, a power supply, and the USB MIDI interface for connecting the keyboard to your computer. What’s more, it comes

Alesis DM6 USB Express Kit Electronic Drumset

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Alesis DM6 USB Express Kit Electronic Drumset – Product Description: Emulating the classic drum kits of the past, the DM6 Express Kit with USB offers a more compact, focused configuration of four drum pads (including bass drum), two cymbal pads with Hi-hat pedal and rack mounting system. The same phenomenal drum module found in the

Nord Electro 3, 73-Key Electronic Stage Piano and Organ (AMS-NE373) – Product Description: Much like it’s predecessors, the Nord Electro 3 Seventythree stage piano/organ meets the demands of the performing keyboard player. It offers up some of the best stuff Nord has to offer in affordable and easy-to-use instruments. The keyboard is compatible with the

Yamaha DTXPLORER Electronic Drum Kit

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Yamaha DTXPLORER Electronic Drum Kit – Product Description: The DTXPLORER is a complete five-piece electronic drum kit with kick, snare, three toms, two cymbals, hi-hat pad and controller, plus a genuine Yamaha bass drum pedal that mounts on the included aluminum rack system. The rack can be folded with the pads, making it easy to

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  Product Features : 1. DM10 high-definition drum module with 12 trigger inputs and mixer 2. RealHead 10″ snare and four 8″ toms – dual-zone drum pads with real mylar heads 3. DMPad Cymbals: hi-hat, two crashes, and triple-zone ride 4. Compact, black aluminum StealthRack 5.Premium sound library of uncompressed samples from real drums and

Roland HD-1 V-Drums Lite Electronic Drums

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Roland HD-1 V-Drums Lite Electronic Drums – Product Description: A New All-In-One Drum Kit for the Masses Roland’s V-Drums are the most popular electronic drums in the world, but not everyone has the room or budget for a full V-Drums kit. Introducing the new Roland HD-1. It’s forged from the same technology as its predecessors,

ION Audio Sound Session Complete Electronic Drum Set – Product Review: Learn the drums with Ion Audio’s Sound Session complete electronic drum set–a great choice for those who don’t have room for a traditional set of drums or need to keep practice session on the quiet side. Fitting into a fraction of the space of

Alesis DM6 Kit Performance Electronic Drumset – Product Review: An excellent choice in electronic drum sets for price-conscious drummers and aspiring players, this Alesis DM6 Kit combines the compact DM6 drum-sound module with an electronic drum set with extremely realistic playing surfaces and rugged rack system. The DM6 drum module features a completely new sound-set