Hartke AC150 Acoustic Guitar 4×5 Amplifier, 150 Watts – Product Description: Perfect to go from the coffee house to the night club, the Hartke AC150 Acoustic Guitar Amplifier is a two channel 150 watt acoustic guitar combo. Hartke has taken its experience in building great sounding bass amplifiers and brought it to the field of

Hartke VX3500 Bass Guitar Combo Amplifier

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Hartke VX3500 Bass Guitar Combo Amplifier – Product Description: The Hartke VX3500 – Straightforward tone and power for working bassists! OK, we admit that designing the Hartke VX3500 Bass Combo Amplifier was a bit of a no-brainer. Take Hartke’s best selling head – the 3500; mate it to the incredible sounding Hartke VX410 cabinet and