A Guide to Planning an Unforgettable Hen Party

As the maid of honour, you are given the incredible task of planning the bachelorette party of the bride-to-be. This is no small task as it is the last hurrah before entering the bonds of marriage. As a result, the event needs to be fun and utterly memorable. Considering all of the pressure that you

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Software for Music Artists

When it comes to technology, artists of all kinds have been catered to by the computer industry, creating gadgets and software developed to streamline the creative process and create a truer representation of your vision. Whether you’re a musician or a writer, there’s technology out there designed to make your life easier, so why aren’t

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New Music And Musicians

Music lovers know that the key to a vast collection is through having an eclectic taste. Not being stuck with one or two different genres. Being open to all of the genres and all of the possibilities of music. Those who are passionate about the industry will also know how important it is to find

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New To Singing

Whether you have always loved to sing in the shower or have only just discovered your love of singing, you are in the right place. As someone who is new to singing outside of your shower, you have a lot to learn. As someone who is new to singing, you are probably feeling a little

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deap vally general distro

All female, American rock duo Deap Vally have announced that they will be playing their biggest ever Las Vegas show to date. The band, which is comprised of Lindsey Troy (guitar, vocals) and Julie Edwards (drums, vocals) were formed in Los Angeles in 2011. After releasing their debut single in 2012 entitled ‘Gonna Make My

Lana Del Rey

If you’ve ever listened to Lana Del Rey, you’ll know the kind of music she writes. Her eerie, almost haunting voice often accompanies catchy, sad tunes and almost ‘gangster’ like lyrics – you can’t really put a label on it, but you know it when you hear it. Her last album, titled Ultraviolence was released

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Akai MPC1000 Music Production Center – Review

Wednesday, 15 February 2012 by

Akai MPC1000 Music Production Center – Product Review: Inheriting all the essential MPC series features, the Akai MPC1000 complements its larger siblings while also providing a powerful Music Production Center on its own. It features 32-voice stereo sampling, 64-track sequencing, and 16 velocity, and pressure-sensitive MPC pads–all in an affordable and compact package that weighs

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Kawasaki Music Platinum Series – 49 Keys Musical Keyboard – Product Description:   Kawasaki Music Platinum Series – 49 Keys Musical Keyboard, 10 Instruments, 10 Rhythms, 6 Drum Sounds, 29 Demo Songs, Record & Play, Ready to Rock Out of the Box Product Features : 10 Instruments, 10 Rhythms, 6 Drum Sounds 29 Demo Songs,

Yamaha PSR-175 Music Keyboard with DJ Voices – Product Review: Yamaha’s 61-key PSR175 is a full-featured portable, with plenty to offer the budding musician: Yamaha’s rich “Portable Grand” sound, an education suite with 100 songs to learn (and several ways to go at it), a wealth of great voices and auto-accompaniment styles, MIDI connectivity, and

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Yamaha MOTIFXS6 Music Production Synthesizer

Friday, 16 September 2011 by

Yamaha MOTIFXS6 Music Production Synthesizer – Product Description: With the new Yamaha MOTIF XS, inspiration is just a key press away. High-quality sounds to inspire you, intelligent arpeggiators to fuel your creativity, recording features to capture every idea, built-in sampling to create full audio/MIDI arrangements, rhythmic Patterns to compose with, studio-style mixing controls and versatile