Korg M50 88 Key Synthesizer Workstation – Product Description: The fiery new KORG M50 is ready to take on all contenders! Incredible new sounds; fat & juicy combis, splits and layers; a plethora of ace effects; dynamic Drum Tracks; enhanced poly-arpeggiators; classic sequencing tools, a solid, confident keybed; up-to-date SD storage; companion editing software and

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Roland JUNO-Di Synthesizer Keyboard

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Roland JUNO-Di Synthesizer Keyboard – Product Description: Onstage or in the streets, the Roland JUNO-Di keyboard is a traveling musician’s dream. It’s lightweight, it can run on batteries, and it’s easy to use, yet it performs and sounds like a heavyweight synthesizer. The synth is packed with a wide variety of over 1,000 top-quality sounds

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Korg MONOTRIBE 0-Key Electribe-Style Analog Drums and Synthesizer – Product Description: Product Title-Electribe-Style Analog Drums & Synthesizer. Product Teaser Combining the analog synthesizer voice of the popular Korg Monotron with a three-part analog drum machine and Korg’s easy-to-use Electribe-style programming, the Monotribe is both a fun musical accessory and a serious tone-tweaking instrument. Complete with

Moog Slim Phatty Monophonic Analog Rack/Tabletop Synthesizer – Product Description: The Slim Phatty’s 100% analog signal path, intuitive user interface, rugged construction and rich MIDI, USB and Control Voltage functionality make it a must-have for producers, touring musicians and DJs. At just 17 inches wide, it goes where no other Moog has gone before. Earth-shaking

Roland AX-Synth Shoulder Synthesizer Keyboard

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Roland AX-Synth Shoulder Synthesizer Keyboard – Product Description: Pick up the Roland AX-Synth Shoulder Synthesizer when it’s time to escape the keyboard rig and rock the stage. This Roland keyboard synth has a sound generator onboard. A stylish take on the over-the-shoulder Keytar popular in the early 80s, the AX-Synth represents Roland’s new generation of

Yamaha MOTIFXS6 Music Production Synthesizer

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Yamaha MOTIFXS6 Music Production Synthesizer – Product Description: With the new Yamaha MOTIF XS, inspiration is just a key press away. High-quality sounds to inspire you, intelligent arpeggiators to fuel your creativity, recording features to capture every idea, built-in sampling to create full audio/MIDI arrangements, rhythmic Patterns to compose with, studio-style mixing controls and versatile

Korg microKorg Analog Modeling Synthesizer with Vocoder – Product Description: The microKORG boasts the same dual-oscillator DSP synthesis engine found in Korg’s critically acclaimed MS2000 and offers a wider selection of waveforms than any other modeled synth. Oscillator 1 features a total of 71 waveforms. These include traditional analog waves like saw, pulse, sine and