Buying And Caring For Nash Guitar

It’s no secret that Nash guitars are a favored brand both in the United States and beyond. I’ve got a couple of cherished Nash guitars here in my studio; neither love nor money would tempt me to give them up! Of course, if you’re new to guitar playing or just the Nash brand, you will

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Learning To Pluck The Strings

There is nothing more rewarding in life than learning to be a musician. When you first start out and begin learning how to play, you will come up against a great many challenges. One of the most popular instruments people decide to play has to be the guitar. People often learn this instrument in the

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Learn to Play the Piano

You are never too old or young to learn the piano. It takes dedication and a determined attitude to begin with, but when you start playing tunes it becomes enjoyable. I have little talent, so it took several years before I got to the end of ‘The Yellow Rose Of Texas’ without a mistake. When

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